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The next Bank Holiday is Monday May 27. As a result of the Bank Holiday, there will be some changes to services and facility opening hours. Full details.

Charnwood Museum will be closed tomorrow (Saturday May 25). We apologise for any inconvenience. The museum will be back open on Sunday May 26 at 1pm.

Recycling Centres

Map showing 22 Recycling Centres

Showing 51 to 72 of 72

Placemark Id Glass Cans Paper Textiles
A cbc55 Yes No No No
B cbc56 Yes Yes No Yes
C cbc57 Yes No Yes Yes
D cbc58 Yes Yes Yes No
E cbc59 Yes No No Yes
F cbc6 Yes No No No
G cbc60 No Yes No Yes
H cbc61 Yes Yes No Yes
I cbc62 Yes Yes No Yes
J cbc63 Yes Yes Yes Yes
K cbc64 Yes Yes No No
L cbc65 Yes No No No
M cbc66 Yes Yes No No
N cbc67 Yes No No No
O cbc68 Yes No No No
P cbc69 Yes No No No
Q cbc7 Yes Yes No No
R cbc70 Yes Yes Yes No
S cbc71 No No No Yes
T cbc72 No No No No
U cbc8 Yes No No No
V cbc9 Yes Yes No Yes