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Covid-19: We are currently under national restrictions. Please stay at home to control the virus, protect the NHS and save lives.

The Government has published its roadmap out of the current lockdown which is available at

Recycling Centres

Map showing 25 Recycling Centres

Showing 1 to 25 of 72

Placemark Id Glass Cans Paper Textiles
A cbc1 Yes Yes No No
B cbc10 Yes No No No
C cbc11 No No No Yes
D cbc12 Yes No No No
E cbc13 Yes No No No
F cbc14 Yes Yes No Yes
G cbc15 Yes Yes No Yes
H cbc16 Yes No No Yes
I cbc17 Yes No No Yes
J cbc18 Yes No No No
K cbc19 Yes Yes No No
L cbc2 Yes No No Yes
M cbc20 Yes No No No
N cbc21 Yes Yes Yes Yes
O cbc22 Yes Yes No Yes
P cbc23 Yes No Yes No
Q cbc24 No No No Yes
R cbc25 Yes Yes Yes Yes
S cbc26 Yes No No No
T cbc27 No No Yes No
U cbc28 Yes Yes Yes Yes
V cbc29 Yes No No No
W cbc3 Yes No No No
X cbc30 Yes No No Yes
Y cbc31 Yes Yes No Yes